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Capacity for Change (30 minutes)

This documentary-style film, Capacity for Change, produced under the UNDP and SNV partnership in Asia, examines the process and illustrates the impact of local capacity development initiatives in Bhutan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. It is a film that shows ‘capacity development in action’, with footage and interviews with local stakeholders and authorities, as well as national policymakers and development partners. The film narrative discusses the strategies and approaches that lead to effective capacity development, linking policy to practice through the lens of real world examples in three countries.

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Creating enabling environments for positive change

In today’s world, countries need systems in place that encourage participation and innovation within their own borders.

The Power of How initiative is a process of dialogue and evidence sharing on the mechanics, modalities and strategies of investing more effectively in capacity development, particularly at the local level and with a focus on the Asia region.

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Insights and analysis

Leadership Development Programs in Asia: Where to Go From Here?

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Success stories

Philippines Initiative 2009

Best practices and knowledge products developed from UNDP/SNV’s non-monetary incentive program in the Philippines to improve local government performance

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